Mission Statement

In communion with our bishops and by their mandate, we share in and promote the education of people of every age in the Church, for their own growth in faith, and to enable them to fulfil their ministries and roles for the service of the Kingdom of God which Christ came to proclaim. We do this by enabling, supporting and informing the process of Evangelisation, Catechesis and Religious Education.

While recognising and respecting the authority of each diocese, we acknowledge our inter-relatedness. Our diversity enriches the support and challenge we give to one another and so we work to develop a shared vision of the educative ministry of the Church in England and Wales.


The Name of the Association shall be the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers (NBRIA).

The president shall be a bishop designated by the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.

The members of the Association are professional religious education advisers and inspectors in religious education, mandated and appointed by the local bishop to work in the diocesan education service, and ex officio members of the Association.

Identity & Purpose
The members of the Association are professional religious education advisers, and inspectors, mandated by the local bishop, to serve the needs of Catholic education in the diocese who:

  • recognise and welcome their responsibility to provide leadership in the educative mission of the Church, particularly with regard to catechesis and religious education;
  • create space and time in which to hear and reflect on the message of the Gospel, striving to interpret the signs of the times and to respond with authentic wisdom and courage;
  • provide for their own continued theological and professional development;
  • promote and encourage processes which are open, inclusive, respectful, reflective and challenging;
  • liaise with the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and its agencies, highlighting national needs in religious education and formation;
  • work and learn together to enable the continued development of our educated adult, collaborative Catholic Christian community.

The members of the Association work in collaboration with diocesan bishops, the CES and other partners to:

  • meet the theological and professional needs of catechesis, teachers and leaders in parishes, schools and colleges
  • stimulate debate on key issues for Catholic education.