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If we could bottle it and offer it to others, we would.
— Published 1999
The Religious Education Curriculum Directory places religious education at the very heart of the curriculum of our schools, where it rightly belongs. It will help parents, priests and teachers to hand on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness to a new generation of young people so that they may come to understand the richness of the Catholic faith.
— - Published 2012

Guidelines for the Assessment, Recording and Reporting of RE

Guidelines to the assessment, recording and reporting of Religious Education have been produced in response to demands from Catholic schools. This document provides a robust and intuitive scheme for use by classroom practitioners and school leaders alike.
— Published 1998
If the education of our young people is an important building block of the society in which we live and an indication of the vision for that society to which we aspire, then even more so are our Catholic schools central to the Church’s mission.
— Published 2012 (Revised, 2nd edition)
Further to the two broad ares in attainment in RE documents, produced respectively in 1994 and 1996, NBRIA have developed this document which provides levels of attainment in RE bringing the subject in line with other subjects in the national curriculum regarding levels of attainment.

Work in this area is ongoing and updates to the document will be posted on this website.
— Published 2002
The Priority of Adult Formation gives a succinct and very clear overview of the developments through Vatican II to the publication of the Catechism in 1992 and the General Directory for Catechesis in 1997, with a summary of the achievements and challenges of the present.
— Published 1999

Broad Areas of Attainment in RE (16-19 years)

In order to assist RE departments and leaders across the country with post-GSCE guides to attainment, NBRIA has produced this document. It serves as a companion to the Broad Areas of Attainment in RE (1994).
— Published 1996

NBRIA Induction Pack

Entrusted by the bishop to encourage and develop catechesis and religious education in their respective dioceses, advisers and inspectors have been provided with this resource as a help and inspiration for their own journey of faith.
— Published 2003

Broad Areas of Attainment in RE

In order to assist RE departments and leaders across the country, NBRIA has produced this guide to broad areas of attainment for ages leading up to and including GCSE.
— Published 1994